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You’ll never find another iPhone calendar app this beautiful and original

Best iPhone Calendar App

On iOS, or any other platform for that matter, there is no shortage of calendar apps. It seems like they’re a dime a dozen, in fact. While the concept of a calendar is anything but novel, developers have all sorts of different takes on calendars and scheduling that move well beyond the typical grid of dates and into some pretty interesting new territory.

Our longtime favorite calendar app for the iPhone is Timepage, a gorgeous offering by Moleskine that we first told you about in May of last year. A new app that was just released a few weeks ago is giving Timepage a serious run for its money though, and it offers a completely new take on the concept of a calendar app.

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According to London-based iOS developer Rebel Minds, Rolo Calendar is “a calendar for people who don’t use calendars.” We’re not sure how anyone can survive these days without using a calendar or schedule keeper to some extent, but apparently these people are out there.

We would describe the app in a slightly different way: A calendar app for people you don’t enjoy conventional calendars. Rolo is a truly original take on scheduling and it offers a whimsical but effective user interface the likes of which we’ve never seen.

And best of all, perhaps, it’s free.

Rolo Calendar’s full description can be found below along with a link to download it on your iPhone or iPad.

Rolo is a calendar for people who don’t use calendars. With its circular face, Rolo allows you to see a day, a month or a full year at a glance.

With traditional calendars it can often be hard to see the bigger picture. They’re linear, granular and often end up being messy. With Rolo, on the other hand, you can quickly check how your life is divided up into say, work, learning, fitness and play and then make a decision whether this balance is correct – if it’s not you can make it right with a swipe.

Because we tend to think of time in circles – our 365-day orbit of the sun or the face of a clock, for example – Rolo is also a much more intuitive way of organising our lives than traditional calendars that run horizontally and vertically.

Rolo is an indispensable planning tool for students, entrepreneurs, professionals and anyone else who want to make the most of their time.

Download Rolo Calendar

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