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This looks like the ultimate iPhone 6s case

Best iPhone 6s Cases Prong PWR

We’ve looked at a lot of different iPhone 6s cases over the past few months but this week I stumbled across what might be the ultimate iPhone 6s case. Thanks to this video from Unbox Therapy, I now know about the Prong PWR Case that offers both a detachable battery and cord-free charging all in one convenient package.

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The case will give your iPhone an immediate battery boost with its 2,600mAh battery but its distinctive feature is its twin charging prongs that fold back into the case when you’re not using them. Here’s what they look like when you unfold them:

Source: Unbox Therapy

The case is actually two cases in one as well: You have one part that acts as a fairly slim protective case and then a thicker detachable case that delivers the additional power. This means you don’t have to lug the thicker power section of the case around if you don’t want to. Another interesting benefit to this case is that it adds a front-facing speaker grill, so sound from your iPhone is projected directly at you instead of through the bottom of the device.

This case isn’t cheap, however, as it will cost you $99. That said, if you want a case that can serve a lot of different and important functions, this looks like a good bet.

You can order it on Amazon at this link. To get a more in-depth look at it, check out Unbox Therapy’s full video below.

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