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9 paid iPhone apps on sale for free right now

Best Free iPhone Apps

Today’s list of paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free comes just one day ahead of Thanksgiving, so you’ll have even more to be thankful for as you check out all your new apps tomorrow while the rest of your family devours a turkey. There are also a few freebies left in yesterday’s post if you hurry.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.

Weather theme

Normally $0.99.

Weather forecast gets personalised for you with simple, beautiful design and themes.

Weather – now, hourly and weekly forecast
Get the weather forecast for now – Wind Speed, Humidity, Cloud Cover & more. Hourly – 18 hours of forecast and Weekly forecast for 7 days. Sunset time & Sunrise time. Maximum and minimum temperature for the day.

Apple Watch Support
Weather forecast for watch provides you with the all the weather information. Now, hourly and weekly weather forecast with themes on your watch.

Today Widget
Get the current weather forecast quickly with the today widget for weather

Simple and beautiful themes for displaying Weather forecast. Auto, Red, Blue and Green themes for Personalisation. In the Auto theme, the backgrounds and colors are applied automatically according to the current Weather condition. You will come to know when it’s day and when it’s night by just looking at the weather app. Themes are really beautiful and made specially for you, so that you can enjoy your taste while getting the useful weather information at the same time.

Auto Location
If location is not available, it will smartly use the last weather forecast location.

Battery Saver
This is the weather app that utilises the least amount of battery.

The more you use it, the more you will love it, because it’s the Weather like never before.

Download Weather theme

AllPass Pro

Normally $2.99.

AllPass is an app that keeps all your vital information in one secure vault.

• Quick opening of data using Touch ID
• Store your logins, credit cards, identities, and secure notes
• Log in to websites without having to remember any of your passwords
• Fill credit cards and identities without typing
• Quickly access your most used items using Favorites and History
• Fast search to find what you need
• Support Folders for better file organization.You can select a template for any folder to create records as fast as possible
• Unlimited number of databases
• Encrypts all your data using best and most reliable AES 256-bit encryption
• All protection mechanism is offline on your device only
• Auto-lock protects your vault even if your device is lost or stolen
• Syncs securely with your other iOS devices
• Backup & Restore your data via iCloud, Mail or iTunes
• Export and import via Mail, iTunes and CSV text files
• 180 icons to personalize your records
• 5 standard templates for fast data entry with the ability to create or edit custom templates with unlimited fields
• Integration with iOS
• Optimized for all types of devices and screen resolutions

Choose the AllPass for storing important information and your digital life will become more comfortable and safe.

Download AllPass Pro

VizMusic Player

Normally $0.99.

Make your listening to music a little bit more enjoyable with VizMusic! Watch the beautiful bubbles or stars dance across the screen with the beat to the music!

Control volume by swiping upwards on the screen, or change the size of the entities by pinching. From VizMusic 2 you can also swipe left / right to go back / forward and double tap to pause / play!

Store your music in the cloud using Soundcloud, so you can listen anywhere, at any time, without having music stored on your device! (Soundcloud requires internet access)

Download VizMusic Player

The Cursed Ship, Collector’s Edition

Normally $4.99.

Head out to sea to reveal the shocking secrets of the Cursed Ship!
The Ondine, the biggest and most luxurious cruise ship ever built, departed on her maiden voyage. But her enormous pools, ornate casinos and grand ballroom were never seen again. Now the Trident Corporation has sent you to locate the ship and rescue the remains. During this dangerous mission, you lose all forms of contact, discover a mysterious mirror and find yourself in a very odd place, where everything happening around you is somehow occurring in two parallel worlds!
Which world is real, and which one is just a hallucination? Are the people you meet really alive … or are they ghosts? Search every deck of the gigantic ship for clues, solve challenging puzzles and master entertaining mini-games on your way to the breathtaking truth!

● Over 100 quests to solve
● 66 amazing locations to search
● 43 fun puzzles and mini-games
● Six enigmatic characters to question
● Two game modes: expert and regular
● Support Game Center
● iPhone 5 Display support

Download The Cursed Ship, Collector’s Edition

Secure Text Keyboard PRO

Normally $2.99.

PRO version lets you send and receive unlimited private messages. Also, get to choose from over 9 different themes for the keyboard.

Use this keyboard to send private messages from ANY messaging app. Encrypt messages right from the keyboard with just a tap. Useful for sending secret messages, login details or confidential business details which only the recipient can view. The keyboard uses industry standard AES encryption to make sure your messages are super secure.

“if you really do want to keep your messages from falling into the wrong hands, then Secure Text Keyboard might be the perfect tool for you.” – AppAdvice

“Secure Text Keyboard is one of the 18 game changing startup tool”- ListHunt

The Secure Text Keyboard is required by the receiver as well for decrypting the messages. Use the Share functionality in the app to send the download link to the recipient.

Keyboard now supports over 30+ languages and keyboard layouts so you can send private messages in your own language.

## Full Access ##
The keyboard needs full access to function properly. Rest assured that we do not transmit nor log any user input from the keyboard. User input is used only for the primary purpose of encryption and decryption. We value your privacy and handle confidential data responsibly.
For more details, refer to our Privacy Policy.

Download Secure Text Keyboard PRO

Audio Notebook Pocket

Normally $1.99.

All-Day Audio Recorder, 2x Playback, and Note-Keeping System.

Audio Notebook is perfect for:
– Students: To record all your lectures, and take notes on all your classes,
– Professionals: For every meeting and interview,
– Everyone else: To capture your thoughts and ideas for all of life’s projects.


Stop struggling to take notes while keeping up with discussions. Audio Notebook captures everything that is said, so you don’t have to worry about missing a thing.

Record through your whole day and take notes at the same time. Edit and add to your notes while recording or reviewing later. When you’re done, easily email your notes and recordings with a tap.

Leave your laptop behind. Stay on top of all your classes and meetings with just your iPhone.


Reviews are a snap: Audio Notebook lets you breeze through recordings with up to 2x playback speed. Rewind by 5 seconds with just a tap, and capture every point with perfect recall.


It’s your data: Copy all your notes and audio to your Mac or PC with iTunes File Sharing at any time. This is great for extra backups or sharing with others. It even works wirelessly over WiFi.


Color code your notes with multiple categories to find them easily and stay on top of all your projects.


Integrated Text Editor:
– Text notes with built-in Audio Recorder
– Works great in both landscape and portrait mode
– Large, legible font
– Copy & Paste
– Automatic spell check

Flexible Note Organizer:
– Multiple color-coded categories to stay organized
– Filter notes by category, to quickly find the one you want
– Sort by name or by date
– Customizable category names
– Share notes and recordings via Email

High Quality Audio Recorder:
– Variable play speed: 1x, 1.5x, or 2x
– Instant seek
– Quick skip by 5 second increments
– Unlimited audio recording time
– High quality MPEG-4 audio: An hour takes approximately 12MB
– Record and take notes simultaneously
– Pause and continue recording as many times as needed

Download Audio Notebook Pocket


Normally $0.99.

Readr will completely change the way you cook. Instead of having to repeatedly glance at your recipe while preparing an awesome dish, you can just ask your phone for the next step in the recipe without taking your eyes off of the deliciousness you’re making. With Readr, you can take your recipes with you wherever you go, as they are securely stored in the cloud and are accessible on any iOS device. We make it easy to import recipes into the app: simply take a picture of a recipe or find it on the internet. Before you know it, you’ll be all set to begin your next cooking adventure!

*Sophisticated speech recognition
*Simple, clean interface
*Get your recipes on all your devices
*Unlimited free and secure cloud storage for your recipes
*Easy to import recipes into the app

Get Readr now!

Download Readr

Easy Weight App

Normally $1.99.

Have you ever wanted a simple & beautiful application, which makes it easy to track your weight? Well it seems you have come to the right place! Easy Weight makes tracking your weight fun and simple.

Easy Weight for iOS makes it easy to document your weight every day and then visualize your weight loss or weight gain within a specified amount of time! With Easy Weight you can even set yourself weight & size goals and then compare your goals to your actual achievement at the end of the specified time to see if you have indeed achieved your goal. You will also receive various rewarding awards when you complete certain tasks such as consistency in adding your weight every day or even an award for using the app for 3 months!

Easy Weight is quick to setup. Add your weight, age, waist and hip size. Set goals for you preferred weight, waist and hip size. That’s all, now you are ready to start tracking you progress.

By adding your pictures to the photo tracker, you can see yourself visually change while you’re working towards your goals. Share the pictures of your weight loss with your friends and family on Facebook.

Here are some of the features the app includes:
-Optional password protection!
-iCloud synchronization & export of data
-Easy Setup
-User Friendly Interface
-Set and Track Goals
-Track Weight, Hip and Waist
-Track progress through graphs
-Photo Tracking
-Fun Awards to keep you going
-Facebook sharing

So what are you waiting for, download Easy Weight today and start creating the new you!

Download Easy Weight App


Normally $2.99.

iPlaniShare Is The Easy To Navigate Everyday Digital Planner with included Sharing

What makes us different from our competitors is our exclusive planning system which includes our unique Planning Drawer which allows you to quickly enter your ToDos, Project ToDos, or Appointments and then Drag and Drop them to any time on your daily schedule. Once you have dropped the Appointment or ToDo to a time you easily use two fingers to expand duration of the event! Simple to Create Categories and Organize yourself and your family! iPlaniShare allows for fast access to reoccurring tasks and appointments. Each app includes the ability to share your daily schedule and ToDos. Sharing occurs with anyone you select, who also has downloaded iPlaniShare and Registered. This is a great for Families and Small businesses to schedule group functions such as getting everyone rounded up for a movie night or a company conference no matter where each member is 24/7. When a user joins a event their initials show up next to the event. Saving you time and energy.

This Daily Planner and Life Organizer is intuitively designed to make planning simple and enjoyable. The app syncs via your iPhone or iPad with your iCall, Google calendar, Yahoo calendar and Outlook. Setting up the your calendar is really easy. 1. download the app 2. go to the settings 3. select the calendar you would like to be your main sync-able account and in a few minutes while the app gathers that information you will be able to enter new information and see past appointments. It is a great app for first time planners or those who need a planner for busy social lives and want to stay on track.

It includes all of the major areas that you would like to plan, track and record but in a style that is for day-to-day additions. This app is designed to replace your paper planner while utilizing technical features that take advantage of your smart phone technology. A clean aesthetic with notes of gentle neutral colors to help segment tasks.

iPlaniShare Feature List: (more free updates to come folks!!! its a great time to get on board).
syncs with your iCal, Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar and Outlook
Our app’s free calendar sharing feature with other iPlaniShare users.
Free how to videos that explain all the features of the app for easy reference
Customize your Calendar Start Time (when you start your day so will the app)
Customize Time format (12 or 24 hour)
Customize how you want to remove completed ToDos
Set up reminders for ToDo items with customizable repetitive reminder alerts for critical dead lines.
13 Different sections to organize your days:
1. Daily Calendar/Scheduler
2. ToDos
3. List creator
4. Projects Section to prepare/track for upcoming assignments.
5. Weekly Goals Chart
6. Monthly Goals chart
7. Business ledger to enter credits and debits with running total.
8. Personal ledger to enter daily debits and credits for easy check and credit reconciliation.
9. Exercise chart
10. Weekly Meal Planner chart – Helps save money by staying focus on what you need at the store each week.
11. Recipes section – add family recipes or favorites and use a a quick reference at the market.
12. Cleaning chart. Great if you need to delegate chores and important home repairs.
13. Our Sharing section which allows you to add people and select which part of your Calendar, ToDos, and lists you would like your connected people to view.
How to videos WITHIN the app to help you get started.

For Either iPad or iPhone. Current version does not sync between devices. It runs separately on either device.

Download iPlaniShare

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