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Apple fanboys reveal their most controversial opinions on Apple products

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Apple fans have a reputation for being — how can we put this kindly? — very, very loyal. Samsung built its massive smartphone empire almost entirely on the back of an extensive, big-budget marketing campaign that portrayed iPhone users as mindless idiots who follow the crowd and don’t think for themselves. The phrase “Apple sheep” gets thrown around all the time by hardcore Android fans. Even Merriam-Webster got in on the action earlier this year when it used Apple fans as an example to illustrate the definition of the word “sheeple.”

Will Apple fans really just buy anything Apple sells? Do they sing praise of anything and everything Apple does? Some fanboys are likely too far gone to question anything Apple does, but much of Apple’s fan base isn’t blindly loyal to anything and everything. In fact, hundreds of Apple’s most devoted fans recently responded to a massive thread asking them to voice their most “unpopular” Apple opinions. The result was essentially a massive collection of everything Apple fanboys hate about various Apple products, software, and services.

A thread titled “What’s your unpopular Apple opinion?” was posted in the Apple subreddit on the Reddit website earlier this week. Anyone familiar with this particular subreddit knows that it’s often frequented by “fanboys,” but in this particular thread they turned. More than 1,000 comments were posted in the thread at the time of this writing, and the most popular ones focused on things each user hates.

Here are some examples of the complaints that got the most up-votes, meaning many people are in agreement:

  • “iOS widgets look like s**t.”
  • “I hate the look of ‘Space Grey’. Moreover, there are 50 shades of ‘Space Grey’ across Apple’s entire product lineup. Paint engineers: make up your frickin’ minds!!”
  • “It’s complete garbage that I can’t simply copy and paste songs from my iPhone to my computer. What if something were to happen to my computer, and I only have the songs on my iPhone now???”
  • “The Apple Watch isn’t very good. I own one and use it every day.”
  • “Apple decision to remove notifications grouping.”
  • “The Touch Bar is the worst thing Apple has ever done. Maybe I could see it on the MacBook, but not the Pro. Its a cheap gimmick that HP would have done in the early 21st century.”
  • “Apple should be embarrassed to offer the Apple Watch Edition. The interactions between humans and technology is what makes the company – not silly overpriced fashion statements.”
  • “For the prices they charge for their products, they’re not very good at letting owners and users do much of anything with their devices. From the limited functionality of iOS, to the inability to make any internal hardware changes to the MacBook line. It sometimes feels like I’m only being ‘allowed’ to just play with some toys.”
  • “I hate the Mac App Store. It’s made many previously free or low cost apps more expensive. I also don’t like the way Mac Apps are becoming minimalist, single-view applications rehashing old ideas with a focus on design before function. Most Apple-loyals seem to love these things, or else they wouldn’t be so successful.”
  • “AirPods are overrated. The fact that you can’t change volume without using Siri is awful design. People around here give them way more praise than they deserve.”

If you’ve been wondering about which products, software, and services even the most loyal Apple fans out there can’t stand, definitely spend some time in this huge Reddit thread.

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