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Xiaomi Mi 5 Release Date Price Specs

The cheapest Android flagship that you won’t be able to buy

February 24th, 2016

Handset makers made this year’s Mobile World Congress edition one of the best in recent years. Samsung, LG and Sony all came up with compelling, high-end smartphone propositions, and HTC and Lenovo stepped up to the plate with some interesting mid-range devices that will hit various markets soon. That’s just to name a few of …

Xiaomi Apple

Does Xiaomi pose a threat to Apple’s iPhone empire? Not even close

August 22nd, 2015

Though not a household name in the United States, there’s still a good chance you’ve heard of Xiaomi, a Chinese electronics company that designs and manufactures smartphones, tablets, HDTVs, and an wide assortment of other consumer products. Since releasing its first smartphone in 2011, Xiaomi’s popularity has increased substantially, in part because the company is generally …

BlackBerry Xiaomi Merger Xiaomi President

Xiaomi’s president did not actually say Xiaomi ‘will acquire BlackBerry’

June 4th, 2015

A post on Weibo from Xiaomi’s president seems to be saying that his company “will acquire BlackBerry,” although it turns out that is not the case at all. G for Games points us to remarks made by Xiaomi president and cofounder Bin Lin in which he flat-out states that Xiaomi will buy BlackBerry. Skeptical of a Google translation of …

Apple Vs. Xiaomi Event Invitations

Xiaomi even copies Apple’s event invitations

April 21st, 2015

For many years, Samsung has been slammed for allegedly copycatting Apple. However, whatever transgressions Samsung has committed in this regard pale in comparison to Xiaomi, the Chinese electronics company that has in the past performed such shameless copycatting that we’ve dubbed them the “Apple Ripoff Master.” Business Insider’s Steve Kovach on Tuesday posted a new picture …

Xiaomi Counterfeiters

Oh, the irony: Xiaomi is fuming about rivals ripping off its designs

April 13th, 2015

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has a rich history of blatantly copying both Apple software and hardware, a skill it has perfected to such an extent that it’s become quite the profitable entity — to the tune of $45 billion. In fact, in China, Xiaomi is now sells more phones than both Samsung and Apple.

Windows 10 on Android Video

Video: See what Windows 10 looks like running on an Android phone

April 1st, 2015

Windows Phone hasn’t been a serious contender in the mobile world for quite some time, but reports that arose last month indicated that Microsoft was going to be focusing on more than just Windows 10 in 2015. In fact, it looked like the software developer was about to declare war on Android.

Xiaomi Mi TV 2: Release Date, Specs and Prices

This might just be the best Android Smart TV your money can’t buy

March 24th, 2015

Anyone looking for a new Smart TV, possibly one powered by Android, should definitely check out the new Mi TV 2. There are two models, including a 40-inch version and a 49-inch version, with the former being a brand new addition to Xiaomi’s TV lineup. Not only do the Mi TV 2 models offer impressive specs, but …