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worm regrows head

This worm can regrow its brain and entire head if needed

March 6th, 2019

As humans, if we lose a limb or even a tiny digit like a finger or toe we’re left to live out our lives without that particular appendage. We have no ability to regrow body parts, but many in the animal kingdom do indeed possess that power, and scientists just discovered several worm species that …

frozen worms

Worms frozen for 40,000 years were just brought back to life

July 27th, 2018

What if you could freeze yourself for a hundred years and then wake back up in the future? Would you do it? How about 1,000 years? Or 10,000? Some very tiny worms in Russia just arrived from an ice-cold time machine after being frozen roughly 40,000 years ago. They’re alive, they’re moving and eating, and …

hammerhead worm invasion

Creepy killer worms are invading France and probably also your nightmares

May 23rd, 2018

Scientists are great at observing invasive species when they’re above ground, but as the 1990 horror film Tremors taught us it’s much more difficult to spot dangers lurking below our feet. That’s exactly what is happening right now in France, with researchers issuing a warning that some seriously creepy-looking predatory worms have squirmed their way …

eye worm parasite

Woman goes horseback riding, ends up with 14 parasitic worms in her eye

February 13th, 2018

In the latest example of why you should never go outside or do anything besides binge Netflix shows all day, an Oregon woman was discovered to have a first-of-its-kind infection that resulted in 14 worms being extracted from her eyeball. 26-year-old Abby Beckley reportedly contracted the incredibly rare infection after a horseback riding trip in …