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Windows XP

Windows XP Market Share

Not dead yet: Windows XP somehow gained market share last month

February 3rd, 2014

With Microsoft dropping support for Windows XP in April, you would think people would start moving on to Windows 7 or Windows 8. Apparently they aren’t and instead, Windows XP’s market share is increasing. According to the latest report from Net Market Share, XP’s market share increased from 28.98% in December to 29.23% in January.

Microsoft Windows XP ATMs

A disaster in the making: 95% of ATMs still run Windows XP

January 17th, 2014

As we’ve mentioned multiple times, now is really the time to upgrade from Windows XP if you haven’t done so already. Even though Microsoft will extend support for its Windows XP security products through July 2015, the company has warned that “the effectiveness of antimalware solutions on out-of-support operating systems is limited.” Bloomberg Businessweek reports that …

Microsoft Windows XP Malware Support

Impending Windows XP malware nightmare now slightly less apocalyptic

January 16th, 2014

If you’re still running a machine that runs Windows XP… well, you should really, really, really think about upgrading to Windows 7 or Windows 8 soon. However, if you’re determined to gut it out with Windows XP through at least 2014, Microsoft has thrown you a tiny little piece of a lifeline. Per The Next …

Windows XP Viruses

A taste of the horrible things to come for Windows XP

December 3rd, 2013

Windows XP is now more than 12 years old but according to data from Net Applications, it is still used on more than 31% of desktop and laptop computers around the world. Those tens of millions of PC users could be in for a very rude awakening next year once Microsoft cuts off support for …

Windows XP Infections Rates

Microsoft warns of malware tsunami for Windows XP stragglers

November 5th, 2013

It’s been a good run, but stragglers might consider finally making the jump to a more recent Windows operating system after reading this report. Tim Rains, Director of Trustworthy Computing at Microsoft, reminded Windows users last week on a TechNet blog post that Microsoft will no longer provide support for Windows XP after April 8th, 2014, effectively …

Windows 7 market share surpasses 50%

July 2nd, 2012

Windows 7 for the first time ever has captured more than half of the global operating system market, according to data compiled by Web analytics firm StatCounter. The desktop OS had a 50.2% market share in June, leading the nearly 11-year old Windows XP OS, which controlled 29.9% of the market. Windows 7 was launched …

Windows Vista enters extended support, XP support ends in 2014

April 10th, 2012

Microsoft products fit into two different life cycle stages — mainstream support and extended support. With mainstream support, users receive free security updates, stability improvements, bug fixes and occasional new features. In the extended support phase, security updates are available for free but other fixes require paid support. Microsoft reminded Windows XP users earlier this …

Selling used Android phones poses huge identity theft risk, expert says

March 30th, 2012

Android users who are looking to sell their old devices should be wary of the possible consequences. McAfee identity theft researcher Robert Siciliano warned that personal data from Android devices is not completely removed after a user activates the built-in wipe option, The Los Angeles Times reported on Friday. “What’s really scary is even if …

Microsoft sues firm for selling 94,000 counterfeit copies of Vista and XP

January 4th, 2012

Microsoft has filed a lawsuit against Comet Group, LLC. for creating and selling more than 94,000 counterfeit recovery discs for Windows Vista and Windows XP. Microsoft said Wednesday that the discs were sold the customers who purchased new laptops. “As detailed in the complaint filed today, Comet produced and sold thousands of counterfeit Windows CDs …