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Windows 8

Windows 8 Praise

Windows 8 has problems, but it doesn’t deserve the dreaded Vista comparison

December 31st, 2012

OK, so we all know that Windows 8 is a flawed operating system. In particular, the OS has rather awkward and counterintuitive controls for switching between its tiles and its standard desktop interface, and finding key features such as the control panel can be difficult at first. At the same time Microsoft’s (MSFT) newest operating …

Windows 8 Demand Weak

Yet another Microsoft partner says Windows 8 demand is weak

December 28th, 2012

As Microsoft (MSFT) does its best to paint a positive picture of its Windows 8 launch, the company’s PC vendor partners continue to report weak end-user demand for computers running the new platform. The latest in a long line of such reports comes from Fujitsu (FJTSY) president Masami Yamamoto, who told reporters in Tokyo on Friday that …

Windows 8 Sales 2013

NYT: Windows 8 fails to excite, sales off to slow start

December 24th, 2012

Windows 8 has failed to draw the excited masses that some earlier versions of Microsoft’s (MSFT) PC operating system had attracted, according to a report published Sunday by The New York Times. Microsoft and its partners hoped the new platform would be a catalyst in a weak PC market, but earlier reports suggested Windows 8 …

Windows 8 Tablets Delayed

Windows 8 tablets from HP, Dell and others reportedly delayed

December 19th, 2012

Windows 8 tablets that were set to be equipped with a new, energy-efficient chip from Intel (INTC) are reportedly being delayed until early 2013, according to Information Week. PC makers are said to be having trouble building drivers for the company’s dual-core Clover Trial Atom Z2760 processor, which was expected to help manufacturers compete with …

Consumer Reports Windows 8

Consumer Reports lists all the reasons to avoid Windows 8 for now

December 18th, 2012

Like a lot of people right now, you might be thinking about buying a new PC for the New Year. But according to Consumer Reports, you’re probably better off sticking with an old Windows 7 machine for the time being because Windows 8 has some serious flaws that crimp usability and create frustrating experiences. In …

Microsoft Windows 8 Adaptation

Microsoft says adapting to Windows 8 takes at most two weeks

December 14th, 2012

Windows 8 obviously takes some getting used to — and trying it for the first time after slugging down tequila is obviously a bad idea — but Microsoft (MSFT) says that concerns about whether users will adapt have been vastly overblown. The company shared some data with Technology Review showing that users typically become accustomed …