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Windows 8.2

Windows 9 Concept

Windows 9 concept: Saving Windows from itself with a focus on ‘little things’

December 16th, 2013

After hearing that Microsoft may bring back the Start menu button to Windows starting with the next major release, codenamed “Threshold,” a user imagined some other ways Windows 9 (or Windows 8.2) might be improved. Andrew Ambrosino says that Microsoft has to pay attention in the future to “the little things” inside Windows, as they currently …

Windows 8.2 Start Menu Concept

How Microsoft could bring back the Start menu without killing Metro UI

December 13th, 2013

The biggest controversy surrounding Windows 8 has been about the so-called “Metro” user interface that lets users navigate their PC through a set of Live Tiles that replace the traditional Start menu. On one side of the debate are Windows 8 users who love the platform’s new touch-centric capabilities while on the other side are Windows …

Microsoft Windows 8.2 Start Menu

More details emerge on Microsoft’s plan to bring back Start menu

December 11th, 2013

The Start menu really does look like it’ll be making a comeback in the next version of Windows. ZDNet confirms a report from Paul Thurrott earlier this week that Microsoft plans to bring back the Start menu to a future version of Windows 8. ZDNet doesn’t yet know whether the Start menu will come in …

Microsoft Windows 8.2 Desktop Features

Microsoft’s mission with Windows 8.2: Appease spurned desktop users

December 10th, 2013

We learned earlier this week that Microsoft will reportedly bring back its dearly departed Start menu to Windows 8.2, a change that will come as welcome news for many desktop users who feel isolated by some of the changes the company has made to its signature operating system. And now Paul Thurrott at Windows IT …

Microsoft Windows 8.2 Features

Microsoft may finally bring back full Start menu with Windows 8.2

December 9th, 2013

As we noted last week, Windows 8 is a very polarizing operating system. While many Windows users find it much faster and more stable than earlier versions of Windows, other users simply hate the Metro UI and wish it would go away forever. Paul Thurrott reports some good news for desktop users who feel spurned …