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weight loss

Weight loss supplements on a scale

Popular weight loss supplement sold nationwide has been recalled

January 14th, 2022

Those allergic to milk or who suffer from milk or lactose intolerance should avoid certain GAT Sport Jetfuel Diuretic bottles. That’s because there is a new recall that involves the weight loss supplement. The product contains traces of milk, which is why it’s being recalled. That means people who suffer from milk-related health issues should …

how to lose weight

Study says this is the #1 thing that causes you to gain weight

October 21st, 2020

A new study focused on how the body reacts to diets and lifestyle changes suggests that visual and olfactory stimuli may be a major factor in the obesity crisis. A “brain subnetwork” that can impact attempts at weight loss can be negatively affected by seeing or smelling foods, thus triggering overeating. Weight loss is of …

intermittent fasting

Fasting for 18 hours every day could help you live longer

December 26th, 2019

Until someone stumbled across the mythical Fountain of Youth we’ll have to rely on science to tell us how to make the most of our time on this Earth. One of the trends that have increased dramatically in popularity in recent years is intermittent fasting, which is a fancy way of saying that you only …

coffee weight loss

Want to avoid the holiday bulge? Drink coffee

December 25th, 2019

The holidays are a time to kick back, relax, and remind ourselves of all the people that make our lives special… or at least that’s supposed to be the case. In reality, most of us just get more stressed than usual, scramble to buy gifts, and then count the seconds until we can hit the …

is breakfast good for you

Breakfast might not be that important after all, study says

February 5th, 2019

We’ve long been told that breakfast is “the most important meal of the day.” It’s said that eating a meal in the morning can give your metabolism a bit of a boost and possibly prevent overeating later in the day. This may be beneficial if you’re hoping to maintain or lose weight, or so breakfast …

sleep weight loss

Want to lose weight? Science says you should just sleep more

January 10th, 2018

We’re still in the first half of January which means there’s still lots and lots of people holding true to their New Year’s resolutions to lose a few pounds in time for summer. Accomplishing that lofty goal can be a real challenge, especially if you have a sweet tooth, but new research suggests that calming …

How To Lose Weight

Brilliantly simple dinner plate cuts 30 calories from your meal

May 18th, 2016

Last year I wrote about how I lost 50 lbs in just three months. It certainly wasn’t easy, but I discussed the tools and methods I used to make it happen. Beyond everything else though, the most important realization for me personally was this: weight loss is a game of numbers. Barring certain physical conditions, you will …

How To Lose Weight

NBC’s ‘The Biggest Loser’ has a weight problem

May 13th, 2016

There’s no getting around it: losing weight requires a lot of hard work — just ask our editor, who lost 50 lbs in 3 months — and maintaining one’s weight after shedding a few pounds can sometimes be an even harder endeavor. Underscoring the challenges that often come along with keeping weight off, a look …