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Voyager News

NASA’s Voyager twins refuse to die

It’s been almost 42 years since NASA sent its two Voyager spacecraft on record-breaking missions, and both of the decades-old robots are still alive. Voyager 1 and 2 are 13.5 billion and 11.1 >>

Voyager 2 just entered interstellar space

NASA hardware tends to last a long time, but few spacecraft can match the longevity of the two Voyager probes. The twin spacecrafts were launched way back in 1977, and now NASA has >>

Bell and Solo Mobile Q4 line-up

One of our Bell ninjas has just come through for us in a huge way by sending us the entire Bell and Solo Mobile line-up for Q4. A lot of new devices are >>

Verizon Visual Voicemail is a Go

Kicking things off with the LG Voyager, Verizon Wireless has just gone live with its visual voicemail service. No doubt inspired by the iPhone though Apple was hardly the first to introduce such >>