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virtual reality

vr headsets

Introducing the most absurd virtual reality headset of them all

May 14th, 2017

Virtual reality tech has endured some serious growing pains already, and still hasn’t fully reached mainstream acceptance among consumers. Plenty of people still see VR headsets as too complicated, clunky, and simply not worth the investment or hassle. A new VR headset concept is making its big debut at the ACM CHI 2017 event and, …

google vr

Google is handing out 100 of its insane 360-degree 4K camera rigs

April 24th, 2017

Over the past couple of years, several gadget makers including Samsung, Nikon, and LG have been trying to make 360-degree video recording as straightforward and affordable as possible, with mixed results. The technology is a boon for VR developers wanting to capture realistic environments for their virtual reality experiences. Google announced a promising 360-degree video platform of …

vr headset

This VR add-on lets you actually feel virtual weather

February 14th, 2017

Virtual reality is all about suspending your disbelief and letting your mind pretend that you’re actually present in the space your eyes and ears are feeding you information about. That feeling of presence can be hard to achieve, so researchers working with VR have been experimenting with ways to add additional layers of immersion to the experience. …

vr apps

PlayStation VR just got a ton of fresh new content

December 26th, 2016

As with any new platform, virtual reality struggled early on with a lack of enjoyable content. It’s a “chicken or the egg” scenario, where content creators won’t create the media unless people buy the headsets, and customers won’t buy the headsets until there is enough content to make it worth their while. Anyone who was waiting …

VR Headset Sales

Demand for VR headsets has been surprisingly disappointing

December 5th, 2016

Despite an avalanche of hype and a marked increase in advertising, new retail data suggests that demand for virtual reality and augmented reality products hasn’t been as high as many initially anticipated. Though demand was expected to be strong throughout 2016, and particularly during the holiday shopping season, Digitimes reports that demand has “been weakening …

virtual reality headset

Strapping a huge PC to your back will not fix VR

November 28th, 2016

Gaming PCs don’t belong on your back, but that’s not stopping Zotac from building a wearable, battery-powered gaming rig that hangs from your shoulders. Why? Well, virtual reality, of course! Like it or not, virtual reality is being held back by hardware that simply can’t keep pace with the software it runs. We already have exquisitely …

google earth vr

Google Earth VR is here, it’s awesome, and it’s totally free

November 16th, 2016

The whole point of virtual reality is to go somewhere you’ve never been, right? In a surprise launch today, Google is inviting VR early adopters to go virtually anywhere on the planet with a new app called Google Earth VR. Google Earth VR is exactly what you’re imagining: Just strap on your headset and float …