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Viral Videos

Scary Tricks Skyscraper Video

Watch: Death-defying tricks atop 40-story buildings that will leave you nauseated

September 8th, 2015

It’s one thing to climb on top of famous skyscrapers or landmarks to watch the incredible scenery. It’s something entirely different to just climb on the tallest building you can find and perform death-defying tricks on top of it. While most people do the former thing, some bold Russians are actually more into the death-defying business …

Six Flags Total Mayhem Roller Coaster Video

Watch: Six Flags has an insanely scary new ‘4D’ roller coaster for you

September 3rd, 2015

Think you’ve ridden on intimidating roller coasters before? That’s because you haven’t yet ridden on Total Mayhem, a scary new roller coaster that’ll be available to people who got to the Six Flags amusement park next summer. The company calls it a “4D” roller coaster and it features some intense characteristics, including 90-degree hills and 12-story …