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Unemployment Check How Long

Here’s how long the additional $300 in unemployment benefits will last

September 14th, 2020

FEMA last month approved a $300 increase in weekly unemployment benefits. 47 states thus far have applied for and been approved to send out the bonus payments. While some states have already started making the increased payments, other states won’t begin making payments until next month. While the unemployment rate in the U.S. has fallen …

Unemployment Benefits Check

Unemployment checks will increase by $300 in these 41 states

September 2nd, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic had devastated the U.S. economy, with some speculating that upwards of 100,000 small businesses have closed permanently as a result. The coronavirus pandemic has also caused an unprecedented increase in unemployment claims. With unemployment at an all-time high earlier this year, President Trump back in March approved a $600 increase in weekly …

Unemployment Benefits

Additional $600 in unemployment benefits may last longer than planned

July 2nd, 2020

The stimulus package President Trump signed in March entitles individuals to an additional $600 in weekly unemployment benefits. Barring any new legislation, the $600 weekly increase is poised to expire on July 31. Some lawmakers are hoping to extend the deadline indefinitely. A proposed piece of legislation would keep the weekly increase in place until …

Coronavirus unemployment benefits

A third of coronavirus unemployment benefits have yet to be paid

June 2nd, 2020

Bloomberg reports that about a third of unemployment benefits have yet to be paid out to Americans who lost their jobs as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic. The Treasury Department says that it disbursed $146 billion from March through May, but Bloomberg’s calculations suggest that it owned jobless Americans about $214 billion. Congress …

Unemployment Benefits

This video shows how to calculate your weekly unemployment payout

May 14th, 2020

The U.S. has seen a record number of unemployment claims in recent weeks due to the coronavirus. The $2 trillion stimulus package passed in March calls for a $600 increase in weekly unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefit payouts vary by state, but a video helps provide a rough framework for how the weekly payout amount is …