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  1. Amazon Dash Smart Shelf
    15:16 Deals

    I’m obsessed with this Amazon gadget you’ve never heard of – and it&#821…

  2. MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener
    11:06 Deals

    Unreal Prime Day deal gets you a MyQ smart garage opener and a $40 Amazon credit for $17

  3. Prime Day Deals
    09:47 Deals

    Did someone forget to end these 15 epic Prime Day deals?

  4. Roomba Prime Day Deals
    21:34 Deals

    Robot vacuums start at $90 for Prime Day, or get a Roomba for $200

  5. Prime Day 2021 Deals
    10:22 Deals

    Amazon just revealed its official list of Prime Day 2021 best-sellers


Apple TV Streaming

Apple’s streaming TV service remains shrouded in mystery

April 22nd, 2018

It’s certainly no secret that Apple has grand ambitions in the TV streaming space. Over the past few months alone, the company has made a number of intriguing and notable series purchases. Two of the more prominent deals include a multi-million dollar deal to reboot the 80s sci-fi classic Amazing Stories and a new original series …

Apple TV Shows

Apple is finally getting serious about original TV content

October 11th, 2017

After a string of uninspiring moves in the TV space, it appears that Apple is finally starting to step up to the plate. Just yesterday, word surfaced that Apple finally inked a deal for a Television show that may actually be worth watching. To this point, Apple signed a deal with legendary director Steven Spielberg …

Apple TV

Apple’s TV strategy is still an embarrassing joke

June 30th, 2017

Last year, I wrote that Apple’s TV strategy was an aimless disaster and that company executives, at a fundamental level, appeared to have no concept as to what makes for a compelling TV viewing experience. Many months later, the sad reality is that Apple’s TV strategy remains a disorganized and embarrassing mess, with little evidence …

TV Show Strike

Your favorite TV shows may be going off the air

April 14th, 2017

The Golden Age of Television has been a boon for viewers but the same can’t exactly be said for writers. While there are undoubtedly more writing jobs available than ever before, the cultural shift in the way we actually consume TV has had a direct impact on how much money TV writers actually manage to take …

Apple TV

Apple’s working on a new TV service that might be unlike anything we’ve seen

April 3rd, 2017

I’ve been pretty critical of Apple’s efforts in the TV space, having previously called the company’s seemingly non-existent TV strategy aimless and backwards. And with good reason, nothing Apple has done to date suggests that the company truly understands what makes for a compelling TV viewing experience. Bizarrely, Apple still can’t seem to figure out …

Best Netflix Shows

The best TV shows on Netflix you’ve never heard of

December 22nd, 2016

When it comes to binge watching great TV shows, Netflix has an incredibly deep reservoir of programs to browse through. Sure, most everyone is familiar with hits like Breaking Bad, Stranger Things, and Narcos, but one of the great things about Netflix is that there is an impressive amount of A+ quality content lurking beneath the surface.