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Tegra 2 News, page 4

NVIDIA roadmap reveals Tegra 2 3D, Tegra 3

Last week, NVIDIA GM Mike Rayfield noted that the company’s upcoming quad-core Tegra 3 processor would be unveiled at Mobile World Congress next month. Keyboards around the world were subsequently covered with drool. >>

NVIDIA to unveil quad-core Tegra 3 processor at MWC

Devices powered by NVIDIA’s dual-core Tegra 2 chip were the talk of CES this year, but that hardly means the famed fabless semiconductor company is going to rest on its laurels. According to >>

Dell Streak 7 hands-on!

We have to be up-front about our hands-on time with the newly announced Dell Streak 7… it was brief. We found ourselves with just a few minutes of time to spare between the T-Mobile >>

Tegra 2 handsets a plenty at CES, says NVIDIA

According to a fresh press release by NVIDIA, a “new wave of super phones” will be “announced shortly at CES.” Touting the specification prowess of the LG Optiums 2X, the company writes that >>

Image of Android 3.0 on Motorola Tablet surfaces in Taiwan?

Several days ago, we saw Google’s Andy Rubin pawing an unreleased Motorola tablet running Android 3.0… and we liked it. Now, to further whet your appetite, a tantalizing screen shot of Honeycomb’s 3D live wallpapers >>

Motorola’s next devices for AT&T and Verizon Wireless

Interested in the next generation Motorola Android device to hit AT&T and Verizon? One of our Motorola sources just shot us over some information. The Tegra 2 phone is called (internally) Olympus… and >>

Motorola’s first Tegra 2 handset photographed?

The above photograph has been making its way around the technology blogosphere for the past several hours. What we are — allegedly — looking at is an image of Motorola’s first Tegra 2 >>