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Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer Smartwatch Event Live Stream

Watch live as Tag Heuer unveils its $1,500 Apple Watch competitor

November 9th, 2015

The Apple Watch almost instantly became the best-selling smart watch in the world when Apple launched it earlier this year, and it also set the bar for all future smartwatch offerings. So far, no other company has really risen to the challenge, though Samsung’s latest smartwatch is certainly a cut above anything the company had …

Tag Heuer Smartwatch Release Date

Tag Heuer’s upcoming Android watch will cost you $1,400

April 29th, 2015

Tag Heuer has scrambled to make a smartwatch of its own in response to the obvious elephant in the room, announcing plans to release a device that’ll compete against the Apple Watch. However, the company didn’t really reveal any details about those plans, and we have no idea how it might look like. Now, however, Bloomberg has seemingly learned new information …

Tag Heuer vs. Apple Watch

Tag Heuer is working on exciting vaporware to take on the Apple Watch

March 19th, 2015

Reading Tag Heuer’s announcement about its intentions to develop a luxury smartwatch in partnership with Google and Intel certainly sounds interesting, at least on paper. From its press announcement, the company sounds ready to challenge the Apple Watch with what could be one of the best Android Wear devices yet. However, the Swiss watchmaker has not …