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Taco Bell

Healthiest Options Fast Food

How to Eat as Healthy as Possible at the Biggest Fast Food Chains

June 23rd, 2015

Every day I’m tempted to walk across the street to the Burger King outside of my apartment and buy a Whopper. I know, it’s awful, but cheeseburgers are delicious and it’s the closest restaurant by a block in any direction. Thankfully, I have the willpower to stay away most weeks, but if I were to wander …

Taco Bell Chicken Biscuit Taco

If you eat Taco Bell’s new breakfast, you may not live to see lunch

March 24th, 2015

Most fast food companies are mere amateurs when it comes to concocting creative ways to help you gain explosive amounts of weight and boost you chances of an early demise. In our time watching the fast food industry evolve, though, we’ve come to appreciate KFC and Taco Bell as the real innovators in this field — …

Taco Bell iOS Android App

The single funniest thing about Taco Bell’s new smartphone app

October 28th, 2014

Taco Bell has unchained a new monstrosity upon the American public: A mobile app available for iOS and Android that will let you preorder and pay for your food ahead of time, thus saving you a lot of time you’d normally waste standing in line. As you’d expect, the marketing campaign behind this new app …