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Swing Copters

Flappy Bird Vs. Swing Copters

Flappy Bird creator finds out how brutally hard the app market is

August 26th, 2014

Last February, the world was consumed by Flappy Bird mania. The retro-looking, infuriatingly hard mobile game from Vietnam became the top app in 80 countries, generating tens of millions of downloads and a media frenzy that drove its creator to remove the app from iTunes completely. The Flappy Bird genius, Dong Nguyen, claimed the app …

How To Beat Swing Copters

How to play the sequel to Flappy Bird without dying immediately

August 25th, 2014

We’re sure you’ve heard by now… Flappy Bird has a sequel. Ugh. This time, developer Dong Nguyen is back with a new game called Swing Copters that isn’t shaping up to be quite the phenomenon Flappy Bird was, but it’s addictive and rage-inducing just like its predecessor. In fast, Swing Copters was so difficult to play when …

Swing Copters Gameplay Trailer

Footage from Flappy Bird creator’s crappy new game shown for the first time

August 18th, 2014

It was only a matter of time before Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen unleashed another crappy mobile game onto the world, although there’s no guarantee that he’ll ever score another hit like 2014’s shockingly addictive Flappy Bird. TouchArcade scored some exclusive footage from Nguyen’s new game Swing Copters and you’ll be unsurprised to learn that it …