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Sprint CEO Claure Framily Ads

New Sprint CEO explains why he’s killing Sprint’s godawful ‘Framily’ ads

September 11th, 2014

While we’re not aware of any awards for making the year’s worst ad campaign, but if they do exist then 2014’s winner would undoubtedly be Sprint’s godawful “Framily” ads that featured a family sired by a talking hamster. FierceWireless reports via Twitter that incoming Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure seemingly agrees that this year’s “Framily” ads were …

Sprint International Wi-Fi Calling

Sprint is offering a great way to save money on calls when you’re overseas

August 28th, 2014

Amazing but true: Sprint really does seem to be stepping up its game when it comes to offering more value for customers. Sprint on Thursday announced that it will offer free Wi-Fi calling to customers who travel overseas and who call the United States, Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands. As you might have guessed, …

T-Mobile Vs. Sprint Customers

T-Mobile finds a new way to kick Sprint when it’s down

August 21st, 2014

Things have been going very poorly for Sprint for the last several years and T-Mobile is eager to kick the company while it’s down. T-Mobile on Thursday announced a new program that would give free data plan upgrades to its Simple Choice customers if they refer friends from other major carriers — and T-Mobile made …

Sharp Aquos Crystal Sprint Release Date

Sharp’s virtually bezel-free smartphone is officially coming to Sprint

August 19th, 2014

As we expected, Sprint on Tuesday announced that it would be getting the new Sharp Aquos Crystal smartphone exclusively on its network in the United States. Although the Aquos Crystal is a mid-range phone in terms of internal hardware, the device is notable for its display, which comes the closest to being completely bezel-free of …

Sprint App Pass Subscription

Sprint now wants you to pay $5 a month for its smartphone bloatware

August 19th, 2014

Sprint is ready to bring its carrier bloatware game to a whole new level, as it’s looking to convince customers to pay a monthly subscription fee for an app it will preload on its on-contract devices – the Sprint App Pass. Basically, Sprint is ready to offer subscribers unlimited access to certain apps on their Android …

Sprint Vs. T-Mobile Network

The biggest reason Sprint’s aggressive new prices might not matter

August 19th, 2014

So Sprint has finally gotten with the program by unveiling competitive new plans that double the amount of data available on family plans without raising prices a dime. If nothing else, this is certainly superior to Sprint’s previous strategy of showing us a talking hamster on TV and expecting us to give them money. However, the latest …

Sprint Family Share Pack

Sprint finally gets serious, unveils more competitive family plans

August 19th, 2014

True to his word, new Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure on Monday unveiled some aggressive new pricing for Sprint family plans and the best part is that the word “Framily” was nowhere to be found in the official announcement. The new Sprint Family Share Pack plans — note the lack of the letter “r” in “family” — will effectively …

Sprint Sharp Aquos Crystal Specs and Features

This new smartphone is the closest thing to being bezel-free we’ve yet seen

August 18th, 2014

While handset makers keep slimming down the bezels of their devices, Sharp has designed a smartphone that comes closer than any we’ve ever seen to eliminating bezels all together. The best part is Sharp’s Aquos Crystal phone will be available to American buyers, Engadget reports, as Sprint is getting ready to launch it in the U.S. In …

Sprint Vs. T-Mobile Pricing

New Sprint CEO says ‘very disruptive’ new pricing coming next week

August 15th, 2014

Is Sprint finally ready to stop being the wireless industry’s whipping boy? LightReading reports that new Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure has pledged that Sprint will unveil some “very disruptive” new prices and plans next week, which will hopefully finally get T-Mobile CEO John Legere to shut his trap  about Sprint’s godawful “Framily” campaign (OK, we don’t really expect …