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Space News, page 41

Astronomers just discovered the smallest star ever

We typically think of stars as colossal balls of fusion-driven fire that absolutely dwarf everything else, but researchers just made a discovery that offers a slightly different perspective. A group of scientists from >>

Russia wants to beat SpaceX at its own game

Despite ultimately losing the “space race” to the United States, followed by decades of dirty looks and blank stares from the then-Soviet Union, Russia is on top of the world when it comes >>

Russia may launch the brightest ‘star’ in the sky

Russia is set to launch potentially the brightest artificial object in the night sky, which could outshine everything except for the Moon, starting next month. Mayak, a Russian CubeSat (a type of miniaturized satellite) >>

Japan wants to put a man on the moon by 2030

With NASA’s focus on Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and as many exoplanets as it can spot, it’s easy to forget that our closest neighbor — the moon — is still a pretty interesting place >>