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Snow Leopard News, page 2

3,563,849th image of Apple's tablet surfaces

Behold! The latest “no seriously, this is the real thing!” image of Apple’s forthcoming, maybe real, definitely imminent, 100 percent fabricated, probably not, kind of confirmed tablet computer hit the net this morning. >>

BlackBerry Desktop Manager: Coming soon to a Mac near you

Feet feeling a bit cold this afternoon, BlackBerry fans? Don’t worry, that’s just hell freezing over thanks to an announcement from RIM earlier this afternoon. No, seriously. By way of its Inside BlackBerry >>

Mac OS X Snow Leopard to arrive in Q1 2009?

When Apple previewed OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard” at WWDC this past summer, it said the latest update to OS X would arrive in about a year. A rather long development cycle of >>