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Smartphones News, page 41

Samsung: 50% of our smartphones will run Android, 33% bada

Samsung wasn’t kidding around when it promised to boost its Android offerings in 2010. Speaking to analysts on Friday, Samsung executives noted that over 50% of the Korean company’s smartphones slated for release >>

T-Mobile ditches 5GB data plan cap…sort of

FierceWireless is reporting that U.S. cellular provider T-Mobile will no longer be hitting smartphone users with overage charges if they go over the 5GB monthly quota set on most data plans. However…the company >>

Verizon cuts 10 phones off of the $350 ETF list

Everyone and their mothers were up in arms when Verizon announced its new early termination fee policies last year. For a select group of smartphones and “advanced devices,” canceling one’s contract would incur >>

Sprint’s Q1-Q3 2009 device roadmap leaks

When it rains, it pours — and if this newly leaked deck turns out to be the real deal, it’s definitely pouring over at Sprint right now. Phone News claims to have gotten >>

Acer to offer free smartphones in the US

If you followed our coverage of MWC this past week, odds are you were just as unimpressed with Acer’s showing as we were. To recap quickly, the company announced a handful of Windows >>