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TweetGenius v1.1 launches!

That’s right, y’all! We’re back. Sorry to keep you waiting but we wanted to make sure this was rock solid, and we really wanted to add in some more features that people have >>

Microsoft and Yahoo ink search deal

Microsoft and Yahoo fiiiiiiiiiiinally announced a search partnership this morning, bringing to an end months of endless rumors and speculation. The deal will provide Microsoft with a 10-year license to use Yahoo’s core >>

Yahoo US search share sputters, Google rebounds

Following a six-month upward trend for Yahoo’s US search market share, Bartz’s baby hit a brick wall in February according to comScore, sliding slightly from 21 percent in January to 20.6 percent. It’s >>

Apple possibly working on a search engine?

File this one under kinda, maybe, probably not – but the rumor du jour on this fine Thursday morning is that Apple may well be toying with the idea of taking on the >>

Cuil Search Engine Comes Out of the Gate Stumbling

According to’s homepage at the time this article was written, the Cuil search engine indexes an astounding 121,617,892,992 web pages. The question is how they are indexed. Backed by big brains and >>