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Robot Children

Researchers develop intelligent robot capable of ‘having children’

August 12th, 2015

We seem to be living in a golden age of robotics and artificial intelligence. These days, we can’t even go a few weeks without hearing about some wild new advancement that brings the notion of futuristic and intelligent robots that much closer to reality. Of course, at the same time, each new advancement also brings …

Robots Real-Time Self-Awareness

Scientists have created self-aware robots, but don’t start panicking yet

July 24th, 2015

Scientists have just made a robot that has demonstrated self awareness during a particular test, but that doesn’t mean Judgement Day is coming. We’re probably a long way from having to defend our race against robots, as the men behind the machines have one gigantic hurdle to overcome: Making robots realize they exist continuously.

U.S. and Japan set for epic giant robot battle

July 9th, 2015

It’s the moment robot fan boys have been waiting for. American firm MegaBots, which builds giant fighting robots, is gearing up for an epic battle against a creation from its Japanese rival Suidobashi Heavy Industry.

Robot Grocery Store

Robot Grocery Store Gives High-Tech Upgrade to Food Shopping

June 19th, 2015

No more long lines at the grocery store – the future of food shopping is getting a high-tech upgrade. Des Moines, Iowa is planning to build a first-of-a kind robotic grocery store as an experiment to offer food and necessities to locals anytime at their convenience.