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Harvard MIT RoboBee Perching

This robotic bee uses static electricity to stick to surfaces

May 20th, 2016

Remember the MIT’s RoboBee? The initiative kicked off a couple of years ago, aiming to fix a major problem that we currently have: the bee population is slowly dying, and without bees, we’re pretty much doomed. Last fall we learned that researchers from Harvard created an insect-size robot that can both fly and swim. And …

Harvard RoboBees Robots Development

Yes, we want to replace bees with tiny flower-loving robots

July 10th, 2014

Honeybees are very important to humans, sustaining Earth’s dominant species with help of their unique ability to pollinate plants. However, humans are not equally helpful to bees, as bees are dying at unprecedented rates thanks to a colony collapse disorder (CCD) that’s apparently so dangerous, even the White House wants it fixed. While some scientists are trying to …