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xiaomi mi mix 2 review

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 review: A beast from the East

October 1st, 2017

Today, bezel-less displays are the expectation for any flagship phone. If the screen doesn’t spill over two or more edges, it’s almost laughable to many gadget lovers and early adopters. It was, of course, inevitable, but the first device to really push the envelop and demonstrate how absurdly gorgeous a phone could be when you …

Skybuds review: Airpod alternatives

Skybuds earbuds review: AirPods for people who don’t like Apple

April 12th, 2017

With the launch of the headphone-less iPhone 7, Apple turned truly wireless earbuds into a mainstream thing. The AirPods, much as people make fun of them, proved that you can make legitimately usable headphones that have zero wires. But the AirPods’ styling is unique, to say the least, and a lot of people clamored for the …

Raumfeld One M Review

Raumfeld One M review: wireless speakers don’t get any better

October 15th, 2016

For years, there’s been one name in the world of expensive wireless speakers that effortlessly fill your house with sound. But there’s a new king on the block, and its name isn’t Sonos. German manufacturer Raumfeld has been around for a while in Europe, but it’s only just getting around to doing North America properly. …

Lumo Kickstarter Review

Finally, smart clothing that’s legitimately useful

October 13th, 2016

If you listen to the the digital prophets, the future is all about wearable computers and smart clothing and, uh, internet-connected kettles. That might be true by the time the robots have taken over, but right now, most 3-D printed dresses or wearable technology is part marketing start, part terrible abomination that should never have left …

Amazon Reviews For Money

Amazon has a serious problem with paid-for reviews

July 21st, 2016

The reviews system is one of the things that makes Amazon good. Thousands of crowd-sourced, supposedly unbiased reviews take the guesswork out of buying sight unseen. But a new study is shedding light on the dark underbelly of incentivized Amazon reviews. Those are reviews where the reviewer has received an item for free, which according …