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proxima centauri

proxima centauri life

Living near Proxima Centauri might be impossible

January 4th, 2021

The nearby star Proxima Centauri has long been considered a potential place to search for extraterrestrial life. The more we learn about the star, the more it looks like living on a planet near the star might be impossible. Space weather, including blasts of charged particles from the star, would make life in the system …

super earth

There may be a hidden planet orbiting a nearby star

January 27th, 2020

Besides the Sun, the nearest star to Earth is a big flaming orb known as Proxima Centauri. As far as we know, there’s at least one planet orbiting the star, which astronomers have named Proxima Centauri b, but a new study suggests that the known exoplanet around the star might not be flying solo. According …

proxima b

Our nearest exoplanet neighbor, and any life living there, just got blasted by radiation from its star

February 27th, 2018

Humanity’s romantic notion that extraterrestrial life might be lurking just beyond our reach has been dealt a serious blow. A new study published in Astrophysical Journal Letters reveals that Earth’s closest exoplanet neighbor, Proxima B, was recently slammed by a colossal stellar flare that bombarded the planet with radiation. That’s obviously not great news for …