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poop News

Penguins can fire their poop cannons over four feet

Researchers in Japan have re-examined previous research into the dynamics of penguin pooping, focusing on maximum firing distance and pressure. The scientists say that penguins can launch their poop nearly 4.5 feet from >>

Coronavirus can spread from toilet flushing, study says

Study says toilets can spread coronavirus by sending particles into the air after flushing. Researchers say that particles continue to come out of a recently-flushed toilet for as long as a minute after >>

Scientists want pictures of your poop… no, seriously

When it comes to bodily functions, poop is often a punchline. That’s unfortunate because every deuce you drop reveals interesting things about what’s going on inside your body, specifically your gut, and it’s >>

Wombats poop cubes, and now science knows why

The shape of animal poop isn’t something that normally makes science news headlines, but when it comes to wombats, things are a little bit different. Wombats are celebrated poopers due to the fact >>