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planetary defense

asteroid test

NASA might accidentally create the first man-made meteor shower

May 14th, 2020

NASA’s DART mission will test the feasibility of redirecting an asteroid, but the debris it creates could generate the first-ever manmade meteor shower. The DART mission includes a spacecraft that will slam into one of the rocks that makes up the binary asteroid Didymos. A new study suggests we might see some of the debris …

asteroid flyby 2019

A huge asteroid hurtling toward Earth will fly by us next month

August 21st, 2019

Some astronomers have suggested that Earth is overdue for a large asteroid impact, and that we’re living on borrowed time until we can shore up our planetary defenses to protect us from a true “planet-killer” space rock. With a potentially mile-wide asteroid headed to our neck of the woods in September, that notion may be …