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Palm News, page 20

New Palm Treo Pro to be made by HTC

Looks like Palm’s regular manufacturer, Inventec, is taking a backseat to HTC for the upcoming Treo Pro. Looking at the new images of the Treo Pro, there are now touch surfaces where the >>

Palm Treo Pro Quietly Gets Official

After Palm’s mishap last week, it apparently decided to take the quiet route in announcing its upcoming Treo Pro handset. Very odd – it’s not even up on Palm’s site yet. Hopefully Palm >>

Palm Treo 700wx to get Windows Mobile 6 upgrade?

This one strikes us as a bit fishy, especially considering the impending arrival of the Palm Treo 800w, but word on the street is that the aging Treo 700wx is set to receive >>

Full specs for Palm Treo 850

We’ve brought you spy shots, and today we’ve got the full spec sheet to round out the package. Keep in mind that most of this is subject to change/speculation, but everything on here >>

Exclusive Pics of the Palm Treo 850

Ahh Wednesdays. Is the first half of the week over or is the second half of the week beginning? Optimist or pessimist, here at BGR we’re doing our part to make today as >>