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Outage News, page 3

T-Mobile resumes Sidekick sales

Remember that whole Sidekick data loss incident? Well, it seems as if T-Mobile is looking forward to putting it behind them as we’ve just received a statement saying: “T-Mobile is pleased to announce >>

T-Mobile voice outage?

Details are scarce, but we’ve been receiving a flood of tips about T-Mobile’s voice service. It’s ranged from a “global outage” to local tower issues, so we’re asking you guys, if you’re on >>

AT&T MMS outage?

Oh yeah. You read that correctly. We’ve received a couple tips about MMS possibly being down completely for some AT&T subscribers and a quick call to AT&T’s customer care line revealed that there >>

BlackBerry Internet Service down in North America again?

We’ve been hit with a flood of tips, signals of distress, and even violent outbursts about another possible BIS outage for BlackBerry subscribers. Verizon seems to be popping up as a common theme >>

BlackBerry BIS is dead, everywhere, again

Yep, looks like it’s that time of the month again. Comments and emails are pouring in about another BlackBerry network outage, this time apparently affecting all carriers across the US and Canada. BIS >>

AT&T suffering a data outage, again

Just one short week after AT&T suffered a major network outage across much of the northeast and beyond, reports are flooding our inbox yet again complaining of problems. This time, only data seems >>