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Don't want to wait for the Motorola DROID OTA?

December 8th, 2009

Well, you don’t have to. We’ve tested this out ourselves, and here are the instructions if you’d like to venture into the wild and try and install the update manually. Download this file Rename the file to and place it in the root directory of your microSD card Power off the phone Power on …

Another Motorola DROID OTA coming in late January?

December 8th, 2009

One of our connects has informed us that while the current OTA has only gone out to around 10,000 devices, there is already another one waiting in the wings and it’s tentatively scheduled for late January. Could this be for an Android OS 2.1 update? We’ll see…

DROID to get an OTA update in the "coming weeks"

December 3rd, 2009

Alongside today’s release of Android SDK 2.0.1, Verizon Wireless has announced that an OTA update for the Motorola DROID will be available “within the coming weeks.” What’s in line to be fixed? Voice reception and the 5 megapixel camera’s nearly legendary inability to focus on subjects, amongst other things. In case you glossed over the …

Sprint's Hero receives an OTA update

November 18th, 2009

Guess what, Sprint Hero users? The update that you have all been so patiently waiting for has finally arrived. No, we’re not talking about anything as big Android 2.0, but a bug killing maintenance release. Available OTA and coming in at 3748377 bytes, firmware 1.56.651.2 fixes that pesky SMS issues which caused significant battery drain …

AT&T’s BlackBerry Bold upgrade rolling out now

August 25th, 2009

Happy Tuesday, BlackBerry fans — it looks like AT&T has a little present for you this morning. We’re getting a bunch of emails from readers letting us know that AT&T’s upgraded Bold OS is alive and ready to rock, just like we told you it would be. For those of you who were too lazy …

Exclusive: Motorola bringing a "webOS" to Android? Called Blur?

August 7th, 2009

Where would we be without our trusty Motorola ninjas? We’ve just got the drop on some exciting information about Motorola’s Android plans and how they hope plan to make a splash. Here’s what we’ve been told: Motorola’s Android offering is definitely a customization of the Android user interface much like HTC has done. It will …

Palm releases webOS 1.0.4 update for Pre

June 29th, 2009

We just got a couple tips that Palm has released webOS version 1.0.4 as an OTA update for the Palm Pre. This is rumored to address some corporate Exchange issues and hopefully some other bugs. Let us know the results once you upgrade! Thanks, Basil! UPDATE: Apparently this plugged the “homebrew app” loophole.