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Omnia Pro

Samsung's Omnia Pro B7330 outed, snap'd, spec'd

August 20th, 2009

Samsung just recently announced the Omnia Pro B7320 but now it looks as if the luster has completely worn off and it will be usurped by its slightly more dashing cousin, the Omnia Pro B7330. Or maybe the B7330 is just intended for a different region — we don’t know or care to be honest. …

Samsung Omnia Pro gets fondled, Omnia 2 gets less appealing

July 25th, 2009

While Samsung fans on this side of the world ogle the Omnia 2, our Asian brothers and sisters across the globe are already eying bigger and better things. Ahhh, the Omnia Pro B7610. GSMArena managed to get its mitts on a Pro and the site most definitely took it for a spin. The form is …

Samsung unveils the Omnia Pro B7610 and the B7320, also an Omnia Pro

June 15th, 2009

As if we weren’t confused enough already with the whole Louvre/Omnia Pro situation, this morning Samsung has gone ahead and introduced two different devices with the same name at the CommunicAsia trade show. To be officially known as the Omnia Pro B7610 and Omnia Pro B7320 (for now, at least), the former is the touchscreen …

Is the Samsung Louvre really the Omnia Pro?

June 14th, 2009

Excited about the upcoming Samsung B7610 Louvre? Well wait just a tick, because we’ve got some interesting news to report. Yesterday Samsung slipped up and pictures of the Louvre were briefly published to its press gallery. Apparently Sammy referred to the Louvre as we know it as the Omnia Pro, a device that we have …

Samsung reportedly prepping Omnia Pro for a July release

April 26th, 2009

This one lies deep in the bowels of Rumorsville for the time being but we can’t say we’d hate for it to become a reality. According to Samsung – HD blog, Sammy will have a new addition to its Omnia lineup come July. Billed as the Omnia Pro — which, by the way, definitely detracts …