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An octopus on the sea floor

This similarity between human and octopus brains has scientists shocked

June 29th, 2022

Scientists believe they have discovered some key information about the octopus’ brain. We’ve known for centuries that octopuses are smarter than your everyday invertebrates. However, we never really understood why. Now, researchers have published a new study that not only provides some enlightening answers, but also left the scientists reeling from their discovery.

octopus punching fish

Octopuses are so fed up with 2020 they’ve started to punch fish

December 23rd, 2020

New research shows that when octopuses and fish hunt together, it’s not uncommon for octopuses to actually punch their fish partners to keep them in line. The behavior appears to be associated with something akin to frustration on the part of the octopuses, which, I mean, is totally understandable.  The researchers, who gave the fish-punching …

octopus attacks vlogger

Octopus gets sweet revenge on live streamer trying to eat it

May 8th, 2019

People throw around the word “karma” a lot whenever something bad happens to someone, but it’s hard to find a better example of real, actual karma than this video of a Chinese internet personality being attacked by her would-be meal. The clip, which made the rounds on Chinese social media before spreading on Twitter and …

baby octopus

Behold this adorable baby octopus that lived in human trash

October 27th, 2018

Cleaning up trash is not a glamorous job, and you’d have to imagine that cleaning up ocean trash is no different. Slowly plucking someone else’s refuse and placing it in a bag where it should have been in the first place is something that scientists working in the field tend to do because they feel …