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Moto X Pure Edition

Best Smartphones Of 2015 YouTube

YouTube’s best gadget reviewers pick 2015’s top smartphones

December 21st, 2015

You can find some of the best gadget reviews in the world on YouTube and two of my favorite YouTube gadget reviewers have just posted their picks for 2015’s smartphones of the year. So what do popular YouTubers Marques Brownlee and Jonathan Morrison think of 2015’s crop of smartphones? Let’s explore both of their year-end …

Moto X Pure Edition Release Date

You can preorder a Moto X Pure Edition right now for $399

September 2nd, 2015

In my hands-on preview of the Moto X Pure Edition, I called it the pure Android flagship phone that Android fans have been waiting for. Well, Android fans, the wait is almost over because Motorola finally announced availability details on Wednesday. And best of all, presales begin immediately, so customers looking to preorder the Moto X …

Motorola Moto X Play Camera Preview

The most encouraging news about Motorola’s new Android phones yet

August 24th, 2015

Android fans already have plenty of reason to be excited about Motorola’s 2015 flagship smartphone models and a preview of Motorola’s new smartphone cameras from The Verge gives us our most encouraging news yet. While Motorola’s Moto X line has traditionally won praise from Android fans, its cameras have always left something to be desired, particularly …

Moto X Pure Edition Unlocked Analysis

The 2015 Moto X looks like the phone that could make me love Android again

July 31st, 2015

Why do Android diehards love Android? A lot of it comes down to freedom — they don’t like Apple’s walled garden approach and they love being able to have devices that have more customization options than iPhones do. But freedom isn’t just about how you use software — it’s being free from mobile carrier contracts and …

Moto X Pure Moto G Android M Update

Motorola figured out how to fix the most annoying thing about Android

July 30th, 2015

Motorola announced brand new Android hardware on Tuesday, including the sleek and affordable Moto X Pure Edition phablet and the significantly updated budget-friendly Moto G. But there’s also one other thing Motorola plans to do starting with these phones in order to fix the most annoying thing about Android.