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    5 home upgrades under $25 that Amazon shoppers are totally obsessed with

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    Amazon’s best Windows 10 laptop deals in August start at just $199

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    The best Greenworks electric lawn mower is down to an all-time low price at Amazon

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    Instant Pot Pro in the sleek black color just got a huge discount at Amazon

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    Finally! CarlinKit 2.0 on Amazon converts your car’s regular CarPlay to wireless Car…

Mars One

mars one

The worst Mars mission ever conceived is now dead

February 11th, 2019

Mankind will be headed for Mars sooner or later, but planning an executing the first manned mission to another planet is obviously a complex and expensive endeavor. Mars One was one of the first and most ambitious attempts at getting a manned Mars mission off the ground. It was also terribly mismanaged, shortsighted, and possibly …

Mars One Is Fake

Ex-Mars One candidate alleges entire project is a ridiculous scam

March 17th, 2015

We’ve been highly skeptical of the Mars One project that’s been promising that it will fly humans to Mars starting in 2024. Not only has the project not explained how it plans to raise the $6 billion it supposedly needs to make multiple one-way trips to Mars, but some of the finalists it’s selected for …