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Best Wedding Toast Ever Video

Watch: The best wedding toast we’ve seen all year

July 19th, 2015

It’s summer, which means it’s wedding season. You or your friends have probably already attended or are invited to at least one wedding. There’s going to be crying, there’s going to be strange dance moves, there’s going to be booze and cake. There’s also going to be wedding toasts from best men and women. Some …

Jimmy Kimmel Kids Explain Gay Marriage Video

The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today: Kids Explain Gay Marriage

July 2nd, 2015

A week ago, the LGBT community scored a major win as the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriages are perfectly constitutional nationwide. Obviously, not everyone is happy about that, with one argument from opponents saying that same-sex marriage is hard to explain to children. Jimmy Kimmel decided to test that out and asked a bunch …

Signs Patterns Wedding Marriage Divorce

The 2 behavior patterns that plot your marriage’s course for divorce

June 12th, 2015

Divorce is a common practice these days among all sorts of couples – even Homer and Marge Simpson might split up. But a psychologist says there are two couples’ behavior patterns that are the most common signs a marriage is not going to work. If you spot them in time, you might just save your marriage.