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MacBook Pro

2016 worst year

The worst tech mistakes of 2016

December 21st, 2016

It’s mid-December, which means it’s traditional for tech blogs to celebrate all that’s been great and good in the last year. But since 2016 has been the definitive dumpster-fire year, it stands to reason that instead of celebrating success, we should take a long, hard look at the gadget failures of the year.

MacBook Pro Sale

Apple has extended big discounts on MacBook dongles and chargers

December 20th, 2016

In the wake of the MacBook Pro launch, Apple came under fire for the number and cost of dongles ($250!!) required to make the new Pro just work. The company responded with a big slice of humble pie, cutting the price of dongles and accessories for a transitional period to stop the Twitter whining. Discounts …

MacBook Charger Replacement

This tiny laptop charger replaces your giant power brick

December 20th, 2016

I’ve always hated buying replacement laptop chargers. They always seem overpriced, and no company really bothers putting design effort into them, even though you probably use it daily. So one of the things I’m quietly excited about with the move to USB-C is having interchangeable laptop chargers. Allowing anyone to build a charger will drive …

MacBook Pro 2016 Battery Time Remaining

How to see the ‘time remaining’ battery estimate Apple just removed

December 14th, 2016

Apple’s idea of fixing the reported battery issues with the brand new MacBook Pro is to eliminate a macOS feature that many MacBook users have relied on for years: the “time remaining” estimate that tells you how much time you can use your laptop before your battery runs out of juice. Apple apparently identified some …

2016 MacBook Pro vs. Surface Book Switch

Microsoft says Surface sales are up as people abandon the MacBook Pro

December 12th, 2016

Both Microsoft and Apple launched brand new laptops this fall, a revamped Surface Book and the 2016 MacBook Pro. The latter received plenty of criticism for Apple’s “courageous” design decisions, but it still set pre-order records for Apple. However, it turns out that Microsoft has apparently also benefited from Apple’s design choices, because the company says …