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Scientists now know exactly where to look for fossils on Mars

May 28th, 2018

Nobody knows for sure whether or not life had ever taken root on Mars. The dry, dusty planet doesn’t seem like a particularly hospitable place these days but things were likely a whole lot different several billions of years ago. Now, a new study suggests that if we’re going to hunt for Martian fossils there’s …

mars fossils

If we want to find fossils on Mars, we need to bring something back

May 2nd, 2018

Scientists have a serious love affair with Mars. If (hopefully “when”) mankind sets foot on another planet, Mars is almost certainly going to be the one, and it’s so much like Earth in terms of composition that there’s still a chance that we might find evidence of extraterrestrial life there. No, I’m not talking about …

phosphorus in space

Alien hunters just got some seriously bad news

April 5th, 2018

Oftentimes the debate over whether or not we’re alone in the universe boils down to a simple question: How could we be? I mean, with the incredible vastness of the universe and the countless galaxies, stars, planets, and moons out there, it seems like assuming we’re the only ones here would be pretty naive, right? …

proxima b

Our nearest exoplanet neighbor, and any life living there, just got blasted by radiation from its star

February 27th, 2018

Humanity’s romantic notion that extraterrestrial life might be lurking just beyond our reach has been dealt a serious blow. A new study published in Astrophysical Journal Letters reveals that Earth’s closest exoplanet neighbor, Proxima B, was recently slammed by a colossal stellar flare that bombarded the planet with radiation. That’s obviously not great news for …

mars life

Don’t discount the possibility of life on Mars just yet

February 27th, 2018

As far as we know, Mars currently harbors no life. NASA has driven rovers for miles across the Martian landscape and discovered plenty of interesting geological features, possible evidence of water, and even peculiar rocks that seem to defy logic, but life — even in its most basic microbial form — has remained elusive. That’s …