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mars mole

NASA initiates plan to rescue its robot that’s stuck on Mars

July 2nd, 2019

NASA’s newest Mars robot has a serious problem. The InSight lander is a relative newcomer to the Red Planet, having safely arrived at its chosen destination late last year, but one of its most important instruments — a self-hammering “mole” tool that is designed to dig up to 16 feet beneath the dusty surface — …

mars insight live stream

NASA is going to live stream the touchdown of its new Mars lander

November 14th, 2018

NASA has sent a number of high-tech robots to the Red Planet already, but we don’t normally hear about how things like entry and landing went until after the fact. That’s going to change with the entry of the InSight lander, which is scheduled to touch down on Mars on November 26th, because NASA is …

insight mars landing site

NASA’s InSight landing site is flat, boring, and totally perfect

November 6th, 2018

When you’re sending a piece of high-tech hardware to another planet it might make sense to shoot for a location that is strange or interesting in some way. There’s lots of places on Mars that scientists would love to see up close, but NASA’s InSight lander isn’t headed to any of them. Instead, it’s going …