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New stimulus bill

Here’s everything you’ll get if Biden’s stimulus plan passes

November 12th, 2020

Passing a sweeping new stimulus bill will be one of the first tests of the incoming Biden-Harris administration, as a result of Republicans and Democrats in Congress having been gridlocked for months over what a new such legislative package should entail. President-elect Biden has already hinted at what some of his priorities along these lines …

Stimulus check update

Biden understands something Congress doesn’t about new stimulus checks

November 11th, 2020

President-elect Biden is not happy that there’s still no stimulus check update to share with the millions of Americans in need right now of some kind of federal aid. At a press conference Tuesday, he said Congress should take action ‘right now’ and not wait until he takes office in January. Republican Senate Majority Leader …

Biden mask mandate

Biden reportedly wants coronavirus face mask mandates all across the country

November 9th, 2020

Governors and mayors around the country will reportedly begin getting calls this week about the Biden mask mandate that the president-elect wants to encourage them to implement around the country. President-elect Biden also on Monday unveiled the members of his new coronavirus task force, which will help him develop a coordinated national strategy to confront …