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Jessica Jones

Marvel: Jessica Jones and The Punisher

Marvel can now officially bring back Jessica Jones and The Punisher

February 20th, 2021

February 18th, 2021 marked two years since Netflix canceled Jessica Jones and The Punisher, which means the rights to the characters have been returned to Disney. Disney hasn’t said anything about bringing these characters to the MCU, but they have strong ties to some of the franchise’s biggest heroes, including Captain Marvel and Spider-Man. Charlie …

Third and final season of ‘Jessica Jones,’ Marvel’s last Netflix series, arrives June 14th

May 28th, 2019

A date has finally been set for the return of Jessica Jones, Netflix’s critically acclaimed last-man-standing original series from Marvel after its others, like The Punisher and Daredevil, were cancelled, one by one. Jessica Jones, which stars Krysten Ritter as a New York City private investigator with superpowers, returns on June 14th. Netflix announced the …

Netflix Best Original TV Shows

The 5 best Netflix original shows to binge watch this month

December 7th, 2015

Popular home to thousands of movies and TV shows that deserve your attention this holiday season, Netflix also offers plenty of original content that has been released over the past few years. The company invested millions of dollars in its movies, TV shows, documentaries and shows for kids, and some of them have been must-see hits. Even so, those people …