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Java News, page 2

Google: Java is running "rudderless"

While speaking at the Red Hat Middleware 2020 virtual conference, Google’s Josh Bloch expressed serious concerns over the direction of Oracle’s recently acquired Java platform. Commenting that it has “appeared rudderless for the >>

IBM to Sun Microsystems: On Second Thought, No Thanks

In an economic climate such as the one we’re currently experiencing, we’re sure that Sun Microsystems is wishing they could say, “No takesies-backsies!” For the past few weeks, it seemed like everyone was >>

Palm Pre to support Flash

Palm Pre lovers, prepare to wet yourselves – the one many are calling the second coming of the Jesus phone will support Flash! That’s right, Palm announced that it has officially joined the >>

Microsoft teams with Sun, aims to take Google down

Microsoft announced today that it will be teaming up with Sun Microsystems on a web search deal in an attempt to move one step closer to catching up with Google. It would appear >>

Emoze Gives Dumb Phones a Push

Emoze has been a top player in the push email realm for quite a while now. Known for its consistent victories in speed battles with Blackberry, Emoze can likely push new mail to >>