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crew dragon launch

The biggest test of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon will take place this week

February 25th, 2019

In what will undoubtedly be the biggest test of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon vehicle to date, the company is scheduled to launch its capsule to the International Space Station on March 2nd, and you can bet that NASA is eagerly anticipating a flawless demonstration. NASA really, really needs a way to send astronauts to the International …

iss dragon departure

The ISS crew is about to send a bunch of experiments back to Earth

January 9th, 2019

SpaceX’s Dragon cargo spacecraft has been hanging out at the International Space Station for around a month now after delivering supplies and various other goods to the astronauts in early December. Missions to resupply the ISS happen on a regular basis, but as its time in space comes to a close, the cargo craft has …

Astronaut says he accidentally dialed 911 from space

January 4th, 2019

In space no one can hear you scream and, as it turns out, no one can respond to your 911 calls either. Dutch astronaut André Kuipers found that out first hand when he accidentally dialed the emergency services number while attempting to place a call to Earth from the International Space Station. In a recent …