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Anonymous Vs. ISIS Hacking Guide

Anonymous wants you to help take down ISIS – here’s how

November 18th, 2015

We already know that Anonymous is hard at work trying to cripple Islamic State’s online operations — and now it wants your help. Per The International Business Times, Anonymous has posted three guides for amateur hackers on an IRC channel it uses that give instructions for how to identify ISIS-affiliated Twitter accounts and websites, as well as …

Anonymous ISIS Twitter Accounts

Hackers vs. terrorists: Over 6,000 ISIS Twitter accounts taken down

November 18th, 2015

A brand new kind of war emerged in the aftermath of the November 13th attacks on Paris, as Anonymous hackers declared ISIS a primary target in their cyberwar on terrorism. ISIS was quick to label the hackers “idiots” for declaring war, but the Anonymous collective proved once again that it’s got some serious skills. Soon after the …

ISIS Bomb Flight Metrojet KGL9268

ISIS bombed Russian plane with homemade explosive device weighing under 3 pounds

November 17th, 2015

All the annoying checks you go through before boarding a plane are supposed to increase security and thwart terrorists’ ambitions. But it looks like these safety measures aren’t foolproof because Russia on Tuesday confirmed that ISIS managed to sneak a homemade bomb onto a passenger jet that crashed over Sinai, Egypt late last month.

Why Is ISIS Attacking Paris

What it’s like to be held hostage by ISIS and live

November 17th, 2015

Islamic State has been in the news a lot lately and it’s led many to ask why the terrorist organization is so hellbent on slaughtering innocent civilians in multiple countries. Author Nicolas Henin was for a time held hostage by the group and he has some key insights into what motivates it, as well as why it is …

Hacker ISIS Kill List Leak

U.S. charges hacker who leaked a ‘kill list’ of American personnel to ISIS

October 16th, 2015

American officials have charged a hacker in Malaysia with leaking a “kill list” of more than 1,000 American military and government personnel to Islamic State, The Wall Street Journal reports. The hacker, a man named Ardit Ferizi, is actually a native of Kosovo who was detained in Malaysia based on an American warrant for his arrest. The 20-year-old Ferizi …

ISIS Bans Beheading Videos Reputation

ISIS is worried beheading videos are hurting its reputation

July 22nd, 2015

Are we about to see a kinder, gentler Islamic State? Probably not but it seems the ruthless terrorist organization has decided that publishing videos of its members beheading civilians might be a little too damaging to its reputation. Arabic language publication reported recently that ISIS has ordered its members to stop filming and posting beheading …

Game Of Thrones Walk Of Shame ISIS

Captured ISIS leader forced to make ‘Game of Thrones’-style walk of shame

July 20th, 2015

They say truth is stranger than fiction. And sometimes, well, sometimes truth and fiction overlap in the craziest of ways. During the season 5 finale of Game of Thrones, a once-proud Cersei Lannister was forced to march for miles through Kings Landing completely naked to atone for her sins. All the while, townspeople spewed vulgar insults in her …