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iPhone News, page 305

iPhone Device Software 2.0.1 on the way?

Every once in a while, we have a slow enough day at the BGR HQ that we sometimes put on our “nerd glasses” and peruse our web server logs for some nitty gritty information. As we are >>

iPhone 2.0 Firmware Now Available!

The iPhone 3G will not go on sale until tomorrow and version 2.0 software isn’t yet available for “old school” iPhones either. Apple has still decided to move forward and release iTunes 7.7 >>

XM Radio comes to the iPhone

If you’ve been looking for a way to get your XM Radio fix while rockin’ your iPhone, we’ve got a bit of news that might make your day. Millard software has just released >>

AT&T Dishes iPhone 3G Info

AT&T has just posted a whole bunch of official iPhone 3G info on its site this morning as it prepares for the hoards of people waiting to snag the new Apple handset on >>

BlackBerry Bold video mimics iPhone, except it’s fake

Yeah, we’ve heard it all before. “How many different ways can you present a phone on video?” “No, it’s not copying the iPhone commercials and video walkthroughs.” “You’re an Apple fanboy!” Blah, blah >>

CodeMorphic puts the world at your fingertips

We’ve seen some pretty cool applications built from the iPhone SDK, but this one certainly ranks amongst our favorites thus far. CodeMorphic has put together a set of dev tools that will allow >>