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iPhone News, page 303

VH1 Fabulous life of Nerds: Pharrell & BGR interview

Not something terribly new, but kind of cool nonetheless. VH1 picked up some footage from our Pharrell interview earlier in the year and used in one of their episodes of The Fabulous Life. >>

More details about Motorola’s Android phone emerge

According to sources at Business Week, Motorola has been sharing a spec sheet and some concept images of its new Android smartphone with carriers around the world. Sources familiar with the documents claim >>

Windows Mobile hits the iPhone 3G

Remember that rumor about Steve Jobs having a heart attack that went around not too long ago? Well, it might just be true as soon as Stevo catches wind of this one. The >>

RIM CEO says AT&T still testing Blackberry Bold

It looks like RIM is saying, “Hey, don’t look at us! AT&T is still conducting testing!” Whomever we decide to point the finger toward is just beyond important anymore. The device was announced >>