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iPhone News, page 303

Palringo for iPhone Updated, PTT Now Supported

It has been less than one month since Palringo added its IM application to the iPhone App Store and we already have the major revision promised when it was released on July 29. >>

QuickPwn Pwns iPhone Pwnage

Windows users rejoice; the iPhone Dev Team has just released a new treat for you. The appropriately-named QuickPwn in its finished state will allow users to jailbreak their iPhones quickly and easily with >>

Fantastic; I Am Rich Video Walkthrough

You remember the I Am Rich application, right? Of course you do, it’s the one we told you about last week. As horribly lame as it was, it ended up teaching us quite >>

iPhone game developer? $10,000 – $25,000 sound good?

Instead of hunting down people left and right, we figured why not post this here… We’re looking to create an OpenGL-based multi-level iPhone game which will make full use of the accelerometer. We’re >>

And the Award for Lamest iPhone App Goes to…

Are you an iPhone developer who wants to make some serious cash? Write an app that identifies people who have purchased “I Am Rich” and then integrate with Google Maps to display their >>

AT&T extends iPhone exclusivity until 2010

AT&T has just quietly let slip plans to extend their period of exclusivity on the iPhone for an extra year. Original scheduled to expire in 2009, the company will now spend an extra >>

Copy / Paste Coming Soon to an iPhone Near You, Sort of

Keeping with the iPhone app theme, you’ve been living on Mars if you haven’t already read about 50,000 blog posts complaining about the lack of copy / paste functionality on the iPhone. Apple’s >>

Palringo for iPhone Now Available

If you have an S60, Windows Mobile or BlackBerry smartphone then you should already know about Palringo. They call it “rich messaging” and we call it a good IM application with support for >>