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iPhone News, page 302

Open Handset Alliance welcomes 14 new companies

With the way technology and software have been moving, nothing beats open source anything. From open source browsers to operating systems, it seems the trend is going to become the standard very soon. >>

Metal Gear Solid coming to the Xbox 360 soon?

Konami sure knows how to cause a stir. An update to the official Konami’s Kojima Productions website seems to suggest that Metal Gear Solid may finally make its way to the Xbox 360. >>

iPhone gets the Linux treatment

iPhone dev team member Planetbeing has successfully reverse engineered Apple’s hardware drivers and has managed to get the Linux kernel to boot on the 2G and 3G iPhone and the 1st gen iPod >>

QuickPwn now available for iPhone 2.2

Leave it to the iPhone dev team to re-jailbreak an iPhone nary a few days after the latest iPhone firmware 2.2 was released. Up front and center on the dev team’s blog is >>

Verizon BlackBerry Storm review

The BlackBerry Storm. It feels like ages ago since  we first broke news of this bad boy, but the release is finally right around the corner. Literally, it’s tomorrow! Need we say more? >>