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iPhone News, page 301

Ziphone creator discovers crippling iPhone bug

If this isn’t the best way to score a job interview, we don’t know what is. Piergiorgio Zambrini, an Italian systems engineer and creator of the widely popular Ziphone application, recently applied for >>

Free AT&T WiFi: not just for iPhones anymore

It remains to be seen whether or not AT&T’s recently re-re-re-announced free WiFi for iPhone users offer will actually stick this time. AT&T is basically the boy who cried wolf at this point >>

iPhone 2.2 beta 2 seeded to developers

Look, we don’t want to get into it this time. Apple seeded new firmware to developers, it doesn’t do any of the things we all want it to do, end of story. Well >>

Google Android has its own app store kill switch!

You know, with all the deserved hype about Android being much more open than the iPhone’s platform, one must wonder what security will be like. When iPhone developers starting coming out about Apple’s >>

WowWee Rovio unboxing / first impressions

Yeah, yeah, we’re a little late on this one, but what can we say? We’re in love. For anyone that gets a kick out of remote viewing, this little thing is bound to >>

New features uncovered in iPhone 2.2 beta

Version 2.2 beta 1 of the iPhone OS was seeded to developers a while back but we haven’t learned much about it since then. Well, until now of course. We’ll likely have to >>

Fring for your iPhone allows VoIP!

Open up your iTunes and get this app now! Fring is a pre-release app free on iTunes which allows you to contact your friends on AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Twitter, Skype, and more. VoIP >>